Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday 8/28/10

Spent the day today driving down to Longmont, Colorado and attending Yesteryear's Tractors Show.  This happens every year at the Dougherty Museum, just south of Longmont.  Loads of tractors to look at today.  I took my camera, which is progress for me, as it is not something I think of when I should, however my rechargeable batteries were all dead, so I only got 4 pictures.  The one here is a John Deere Model 70 with a 6 row beet cultivator attached.  I was accompanied by 2 good friends and we all had a nice relaxing day and made it back home in time to feed Sampson and Onika, my 4 footed roommates.  Note to self - next time take new regular batteries for the camera, 

There was a demonstration by dance group and lots of activities besides all the tractors and farm equipment on display.  Quite a few of the one cylinder engines were on display and running.  I know I saw a couple of "E"'s and some engines of that other color.  One fellow had quite a collection of ice cream makers while another had an impressive tool display.  There were brats, burgers and hot dogs to eat.  The thermometer in my car said it was 92 degrees outside as we left about 2 pm.  We went to the Cracker Barrel and had a nice lunch and then drove home.  The Dougherty Museum can be seen on the Boulder City Parks and Rec website, but the best way to find it is to Google Dougherty.  I think next summer I will buy a pass so I can visit several times over the summer.  We didn't see any of the antique cars inside today, just the tractor show vehicles.  There was a 1954 Ford pickup and a 1947 International KB-5.  The International was most interesting to me as I have a KB-8.  I remember driving to somewhere in the middle of Wyoming in that truck with my Dad.  We met Ralph Kent, a friend of Dad's that had a ranch in Montana at the time and we had a tractor on the flat bed.   It was a very hot day and I remember sitting in the middle of the cab of the truck just behind the shifter.  I don't think Mom was along, I probably rode where I did just to be close to Dad, have I mentioned I was a Daddy's girl?  Anyway when we got lunch at a local restaurant, I wanted my favorite meal at that time - Chicken Fried Steak.  Ralph Kent didn't think I could eat all of that and he bet Dad lunch that I wouldn't.  After Ralph paid for lunch we moved the tractor onto his truck and we all went home. 


  1. I remember John Deere tractors and picups with the gear shift on the floor. Carpenter was a fun town in which to grow-up.

    Thanks for jogging my memory.

  2. oh, i love your stories of your childhood! my new favorite is of you plowing acres on your knees... ha ha! i'm glad you had a good time at the exhibit... scott and i hope to join you next year! can't wait!